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Blakemore Lab Wiki «Proton»

Safety Information and Documents

Equipment List and User Guides

Group Scheduling Service

Purchasing Information

Shipping with FedEx

KU Shared Equipment

Software, Databases, and IT Support

Remote Desktop Access to Group Computer

CasaXPS Information

Group Email Listserv

Group Labs and Keys

Outreach Planning

Chemical Inventory

Lewis Acidity (pKa) values

Group Meetings

Telework Group Meeting Schedule and Information

Group Meeting Schedule

Group Meeting Files

Journals to Follow

Poster and Presentation Template Files

Group Member Info

Group Member Contact Information

Birthday List

Individual Development Plans

KU HR Volunteer Form

KU Graduate Program in Chemistry

Research Advisory Committee Information

Guidance for Third-Year Candidacy Exams

Guidance for Preparing the PhD Dissertation

Funding Resources

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Programs and Travel Grants for Graduate Students

NNSA Graduate Fellowship Program

KU Graduate Student Travel Fund (up to $500)

KU Undergrad Research Award Grants ($1000 scholarships)

KU Undergrad Travel Award Grants ($500 each)

Sample Fellowship Proposals

Getting Started

Admin Tools